We all know that towards the end of the year, November / December, a season begins that is fun and at the same time a constant bustle of schedules and doubts. “Which award has my favorite won?” or “wait, what does bonsang mean?” are some of the questions that when you enter kpop it is impossible not to ask yourself. Galas are not usually accompanied by subtitles and if you do not master Korean you can make a real mess. Therefore, we have decided to make you a guide so that it is easier for you to know how important is the award that your idol has just received.

To begin with, in South Korea, they only consider important, in terms of popularity and prestige for the country. We refer to the Golden Disk Awards, MAMA, Seoul Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, and the Korean Music Awards. That said, we can divide the types of awards that are awarded into five:

1. DAESANG or Grand Prize Winning a daesang means you are at the top. They receive that name for the most important awards and throughout the years it has been won by very notable artists such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, PSY, Twice, EXO, or BTS. The term daesang carries over to all of the award galas mentioned, such as the MAMA. It is also the most important of the Mnet awards and includes the categories: Song of the year Album of the year Artist of the Year So now you know, if you hear the word “daesang” the fat is coming. And it is usually towards the end of the gala … no rush!

2. BONSANG AOA, GOT7, APink, INFINITE, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, and most of the artists who have ever shined or who continue to shine have received a bonsang. In order to qualify for a daesang you must first get one of these. Because the winners of the bonsang will be the candidates for a daesang! Winning a bonsang means that you are doing well. To run you have to start walking and in the Korean music industry they take this saying to heart. All the artists who have been crowned with daesangs have gone home with bonsangs before. And it is a huge recognition! If your group wins it… they are selling a lot!

3. ANNUAL AWARDS NOT AWARDED BY THE BIG FIVE We have very recent the Soribada gala and it is the best example for this category. Throughout the year, events are held in which different awards are given to artists from the Korean music industry and although an award is always well received, it does not have the same prestige as those awarded in the five grand galas. That is why the votes are much less popular! Here we would include finery like Soompi’s. But in addition, “The Big Five” also award prizes throughout the year, although they are not as relevant as the official end-of-year galas. There are others like the Asia Artist Awards, which also honor actors.

4. WEEKLY AWARDS If you’ve been kpop for a while, you’ll be used to # 1stwin hashtags on Twitter. These types of awards are the ones that are given in musical programs very often, and they will surely sound familiar to you: M! Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core or SBS Inkigayo. They serve so that artists can show their new work and that is why, every time a group makes a comeback, they perform on their stages. They are important prizes for the fandom! The votes have a lot to do with the sweat and work of the fans so that their artists are recognized and serve to start off on the right foot, but they have no real value for the Korean public. Although yes for your favorite idols!

5. AWARDS ABROAD BIGBANG have even been nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, and have been winners multiple times at the MTV Music Awards for Best Asia Act and Best Worldwide Act, and GOT7 took the same trophy. BTS revolutionized Twitter by winning the Social Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard gala and have continued to win international awards. The last, three awards at the American Music Awards. All of these awards, along with those received outside of Korea, have value to the recipients and to international fans. But it is important to know that in the face of the Korean public, or their impact on the industry on kpop, they do not demonstrate the popularity or sales of the group. So it is not surprising that many artists who succeed with all their songs doing all-kill in Korea, have never been nominated internationally, such as IU or BOL4.

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