Poem dedicated to first love

Everyone who has known love up close knows the mark that the first heartbreak leaves forever Even if a long time passes and I have another love you will always be present In a corner of my heart i loved you fervently you were my adoration you my only love I loved you with devotion. You were the first that occupied my heart you were my first kiss You are my first love. You had my lips I gave you my heart I wrote poems for you you are still my inspiration. So far you are the only one to which I LOVE YOU I dedicated myself. You were my first awakening and my first illusion for you I shed tears of true love. I met heaven for you you took me away with a kiss your caresses, your hugs they were unique, I accept it. For you I knew the suffering of a love that is leaving I lost you forever bitterness I still cry. I loved you eternally and i still love you and despite the suffering I thank you love

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