Master Cat and reports of intoxicated kittens: «To date all our analyzes are within the norm»

After it became known that the Agricultural and Livestock Service was compiling information on reports that pointed to a series of poisonings by kittens that consumed Master Cat products, the brand addressed the situation. Through a statement, from Master Cat they stressed that they regularly carry out reviews of their products, so their analyzes have not shown signs of problems. They also stressed that their main concern is precisely “the welfare of pets.” In any case, they highlighted that they are gathering “all the background and analysis of the case” that has been widely viralized on social networks. The following is the official position of the company. “Master Cat regularly tests all the nutrients in its products and to date all our analyzes are within the norm, certified by Southey Consultants and in line with the European FEDIAF standard” “Our main concern is the welfare of pets. To date, we had no record of comments on this product and today we have received consumer concerns regarding some batches of the Master Cat variety kitten food and we have collected all the antecedents and analysis of the case «. So far, the messages on social networks that call to prevent the consumption of these products continue to multiply.

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